Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekend Roundup

Post-Debate Reaction-- well, unsurprisingly, both camps claim victory. Yet, polls, Fast, Wily, and Wily's mother all say Kerry won. But the victorious administration are the same people who think losing 2 million + jobs means the economy is getting stronger, and that the utter chaos in Iraq means the mission has been accomplished. *Shrug* At least a whole lotta peeps was watching.

Doesn't mean that we won't have to hear all about how "hard hitting" the PoTUS is (even if he looked a bit like a deer in the headlights at the debate). Stumping in New Hampshire the day after the debate PoTUS referred to his opponent "as an equivocator who denigrates American troops and who would subject national security decisions to vetoes "by countries like France." Oh yes, he speaks French. Fluently, even. It's much more manly to speak bits and pieces of poor Spanish, allowing you to pander to the Hispanic vote. Only a pussy would pick a language that you can't use in an election (that illusive uprooted Quebecois vote?), and then put the effort in to learn it fluently. Anyone who learns French fluently will apparently lose the war on terror.

Gun-owning protesters in Falls Church, VA showed their dislike for having their gun licenses checked should they walk onto city property with a firearm. "About 30 people, pistols strapped to their hips, strode into the council's meeting this week protesting the policy and warning that it violates their constitutional right to bear arms -- and possibly state laws, as well." Because God forbid someone wish to check to see if you are legally permitted to carry a deadly weapon (it is legal in VA to walk around with a six shooter strapped to your leg, just in case you believe the year to be 1823). Apparently we should all assume that someone with a firearm stepping on to city property has a legitimate reason for being armed. Hunting deer in city hall?

Voter rolls are up up up all over the place. Maryland and Virginia have seen major spikes- Virginia has the highest registration ever (according to NPR). If these people all go out to vote at least we may not have to be embarassed by the usual apathy of the citizenry.

Things just seem to be getting a little hotter for Tom Delay, the Texan who believes gerrymandering isn't just for census-years anymore. Not only have three of his 'associates' back in the Lone Star state been indicted and a lobbyist he is 'associated' with is being investigated
for spending nearly all the dough in his 'non-profit' for, well, his profit. But it now appears that he has been doing some influence-peddling as well. Oh, Tom, we hardly knew ye. You've come up with a couple we hadn't imagined (didn't see the lobbyist thing comin', shucks!) House Republicans "feel this is nothing but a political witch hunt and an attempt to tear down Tom DeLay through personal attacks and destructive tactics when they just can't beat him legislatively." We suggest that if mistah delay doesn't want to be investigated, maybe he should stop doing nasty stuff.

Appears Afghani PM Karzai has learned democracy the Dubya way a little too well. Glad to know all those double registered Afghani voters are getting the truth- no fear-mongering- from their candidates. Just like us.

Oh yes, and Bigfoot is in Virginia. (Props to G-Z for spotting this one).


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