Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Spin Cycle

Must be fast (in addition to being wily), as tonight we shall be watching the latest episode of Star Wars. (Looks like we weren't the only ones to draw the Skywalker/Darth Cheney connection! Hat tip to Geekgirl) Or at least we'll be watching the debates. Before we go on though, we have to say that we saw these headlines right next to each other: Poll: 1 in 4 Hold Anti-Muslim Views and Troops in survey back Bush 4-to-1 over Kerry. Did that make you cock your eyebrow? One suspects they weren't speaking of the same 25%.

The Spinmesiter Alert Today Is:
Wild Cherry

But mainly because there is a trifecta of spin occurring. It's like a spin vortex. It's like being in the washing machine on spin cycle. The Spinmeister and his minions have been working the turntables but hard. The Kerry machine has finally whirred to life as well- and they are spinning like an army of tops. Apparently both campaigns have deputized the proletariat as field spinners. And well, there's the media. Which is spinning the spin. Multiple stories today in the media about the post-debate spin. Yes, people, politicians spin.

hat is there to spin about? Well, lessee.... federal workers! As long as they support Dubya, apparently. Nice one. Like the smooth way they polticized the previously unpoliticized.

But how do you spin it when your former top man-in-Iraq says you screwed the pooch when you failed to send in adequate troops? well, as long as he follows that up quickly with a 'but I support the PoTUS', apparently you say nothing.

What about when polls say that your opponent reassured them in the last debate-- even after months of having Darth Cheney try to scare the crap out of 'em? You say that he's a danger to world peace. That's right- not just a danger to national security, but electing him will mean the end of the frigging world. An interesting stance for the Prince of the Pre-emptive strike.

What about when job cuts hit an 8-month high just a month before your attempt to be re-elected based in your record as the first PoTUS to finish a term with a net job loss since Herbert Hoover? You thank God that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a potty mouth.

What about when the guy you hand-picked to run the CIA hand picks a political aid to be third in charge of the same agency- and is outed as having an old record as a shoplifter? (And yes, a misdemeanor from 1981 seems a bit petty- until you remember that the guy was working for the CIA at the time he was picked up- i.e. not a dumb kid prank or a no money gambit- and that he would be third in charge of the intelligence agency that seems to have had some, ahem, issues in recent years)? You bask in the undermining of coporate oversight that the congress is working on.

What about when the people you sent to go "fix" Iraq don't seem to like the job? Or when people start realizing that the educational program you said was gonna "fix" schools is underfunded, and even the GAO says it's got problems? What if the Cuban-American vote isn't in the bag anymore? And when you realize that being the PoTUS is real hard work? (Props to the Poor Man for this one) Perhaps you call up the shadowy feller whose really in charge....

Speaking of shadowy fellahs, we didn't realize when we made all those don't look behind the curtain jokes that it might, in fact be literal. We stand corrected by Wonkette.

By the way- if you got arrested in NY during the RNC, looks like you may have been illegally fingerprinted.

Finally, this headline: "Bush-Cheney Office in Tennessee Hit by Gunshots". First of all, this is just disgusting behavior, and we heartily hope it will not be repeated in Tennessee or anywhere else. Unfortunately, the sad irony meter did have to go off before we got to the end of the article, set off by this line: " Police are investigating and are forwarding information to federal officials in case the shooting turns out to be a hate crime, DeBusk said."

I hope there is an alternate reason for this being possibly classified as a hate crime, though race, gender and sexual orientation were not mentioned elsewhere in the article. Which leads one to believe that it may be referring to political affliation. Were this to be pursued as a hate crime targeting Republicans (an odd thought in GOP friendly Tennessee), it would be hard not to see the bitter irony. After all, the PoTUS is the man who as governor of Texas refused to sign the James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act, a bill that was named after the black man who was dragged to death after being chained to the back of a pickup truck in Texas. He refused to sign it because it contained protections against hate crimes aimed at gays and lesbians. In short, he felt so strongly that gay-bashing should not be particularly criminalized that he refused to extend protection to ANY group.


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