Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rose Madder, Mad as a Hatter

Seems that folks think the debate was a draw. Which apparently means that if you're a Republican you think Cheney won, and if you're an independent you're more likely to think that Edwards won than to think it's a draw, and think a draw more likely than Cheney winning. Funny how party affiliation makes for knee-jerk reactions that go against things you believe in. For example, a new poll by Zogby with 33% of respondants identifying as conservatives and 29% as moderates had 70% of the total (i.e. including liberals) saying they'd rather we had a policy of diplomacy and working with the UN and NATO in world disputes to 25% saying we should go it alone and act as a superpower. (Question 32). With 33% conservatives and 2% Libertarians that means that even if 100% of the Progressives, 100% of the Liberals and 100% of the Moderates voted for the policy clearly associated with Kerry, there are still at least 5% of conservatives and/or Libertarians who believe Kerry is right. Reminds us. of a little book we read once by a German guy. Talking about false something-er-other. Mighta been called Duck Soup.

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
Rose Madder

Before we go on, there has been a little clarification on exactly why people who tried to follow the Veep's directions and check him out on "" were directed to George Soros' site where they were greeted with the banner headline "Why We Must Not Re-Elect President Bush." Seems the for-profit site got upset about having their server overloaded and exacted a little revenge.

Today's big story is that we are being regailed- yet again- with official reports saying in no uncertain terms that the assertions of the administration that formed the bases of the protean reasons for going to war in Iraq have all turned out to be virtually without a whit of merit. No chemical weapons. No biological weapons. No nuclear weapons. No nuclear weapons wish list can I get it for Christmas Santa programs. No connection between Iraq and 9/11. No connection between Osama and Iraq. No connection between Zarqawi and Saddam. Saddam not pursuing these weapons. The White House got it "Almost All Wrong".

Pretty unequivocal, no? Well, bigger men might own up to a mistake of monstrous proportions. Instead, the Veep stated that the very same report that has debunked the claims of the WH justifies the war on Iraq. This is quite literally pointing to something black and telling people it's white. Cause he says so. And he's scary.

Are you gobsmacked? We are gobsmacked. We look at each other in dismay, say WTF?, and slap each other's cheeks hoping it will snap us out of it. Then we remember we are not the ones who are delusional.

What is the rationale behind claiming that a report that says they were Almost All Wrong actually supports their utterly debunked claims? Saddam was abusing the UN Oil-for-Food program. Plus they got a copy of his Christmas list from 1999. This is what it looked like:

A new palace for me
A new palace for my wife, but somewhere else, she is driving me bonkers
A smaller palace for my mistress, between my palace and my wife's palace
A brand new copy of The Old Man and The Sea
A better internet connection
* * * Xtra special: thermo-nuclear weapons

VP Cheney has uncovered that Saddam was corrupt. We are shocked, shocked! We do feel the need to point out that if being this side of ethical is watertight proof of an imminent- oh! I mean gathering- threat, then somebody better start keeping an eye on Tom Delay. You see him with a copy of The Sun Also Rises and we're sure to be invaded by Vanuatu, who will recognize it as proof of a 'gathering' threat.

The PoTUS gave his new stump speech in which he said Kerry would make the world less safe. Off the leash, Iraqi interim PM Allawi mentioned that Iraq- which is in the world- is awfully unsafe right about now. So unsafe that the UN is being urged out. Could that disconnection be connected to the bubble? Who knew the PoTUS and John Travolta had so much in common. Though some people are seeing Tricky Dick 1960. Since the rest of us aren't in the bubble, it might explain why some polls are showing a slight Kerry lead. Most polls are at least calling it close for the moment. That may change if the PoTUS tells viewers on Friday night to check out his performance by visiting

Why not just scare the crap out of people in response? Like, tell them that their children are in danger! Why do that? Well, according to sociologist Robb Willer, because it helps the PoTUS' approval ratings. We could not make this stuff up. Besides, there's data and stuff.

Oh yes, and VA gun enthusiasts have asserted their second amendment right to cart around a loaded firearm whenever they want. Cause they're gonna rock this party like it's 1799. They'll be taking their loaded weapons to National and Dulles Airports whenever they like. Because nobody is supposed to feel suspicious when a guy shows up at an airport with a gun.

In the meantime, have fun with this.


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