Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Market Adjustments

Couple of burps on the market made us raise an eyebrow. Seems that Sinclair Broadcasting's stock plummeted in response to their decision to air the anti-Kerry film. When they decided today not to air it in its entirety (to avoid FCC penalites for an illegal campaign donation) the stock shot back up. Huh. Meanwhile, Deibold, maker of touch screen no paper trail voting machines, whose owner told a GOP fundraiser audience that he would deliver Ohio to the PoTUS, took some pretty serious losses. In a year when states are buying machines to be up to standards with HAVA. It's almost like the market is self-regulating. Except not so much. Mostly because we doubt it's the Robber Barons who'll be feeling this one. More likely it's the employees of Diebold who just got laid off that'll feel this adjustment.

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
Luscious Rose

Cause the spinning is just gonna keep on coming. As are the attorneys. Actually, we think that there must be some concern going on in Bushworld, cause they've sent out Condi Rice of the Magical Helmet Hair to mesmerize the masses, convincng the lumpenproletariat that they're all not nearly as loony as you suspect they are, and that they like black people. (When they have oil tankers named after them). We wonder if things are not, in fact, say coming to pieces? We only ask because it kind of looks like something is going to pieces from this picture of Karl Rove throwing himself beneath the wheels of a plane. Maybe he got a glimpse of reality? (Hat tip to Wonkette)

Well your great aunt Edna isn't the only one who won't get a flu shot this year. Seems the vaccines will be by-passing army bases as well. We think we detect a war plan here: they'll win the war on terror by sending flu infected soldiers and their blankets to Iraq. We know this worked really well in the sixteenth century, but that was a) the clap and b) its seems doubtful that the Iraqis are working with the evolutionarily isolated immune systems of, say, Hispanola circa 1510. Nice try, though.

Bush wants to be the 'Ownership' President- but we're a little confused about who he means the owners to be. Apparently not anyone who might need help getting the dough together to buy a house. But mortage debt isn't so bad, says Alan Greenspan. So we guess we're supposed to just suck it up and overextend ourselves into an $800,000 shack in Berkeley. And while we're at it, why not get a few more student loans? You'll be taking out more if you're at a public university. Because public university educations are like a jobs program if you think about it. As long as you have a job to pay for the rising tuition. Debt- it's the American Way!

Looks like being informed on the issues, as opposed lost in a sea of partisan hackery, means you might be more likely to vote for Kerry. But if you're a kid you're also apparently more likely to vote for Kerry- perhaps because you are able to escape the sea of partisan hackery. Of course, being a grown up doesn't mean you are more likely to act like one.

We know that the polls are just bunk, but we must admit to be addicted to Electoral Vote. We are glad to find we are not alone. Someday, when all this election stuff is over, we'll organize a support group or whatever. In the meantime, check our New Mexico.

And finally, the tragedy of Candyfloss Lord Milton. And we thought Best in Show was a mockumentary. Does this mean Nigel Tufnel is out there sniffing the glove?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the photo of Karl Rove under the wheel of a plane. Wonder if Condi's Magical Helmet Hair would protect her from harm in a similar situation? Maybe in the Situation Room?

October 21, 2004 at 3:33 PM

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