Friday, October 08, 2004

Green Belt to Gold Medal- Props to Wangari Matthai!

We have just returned from the local liquor store with a bottle of fine (enough) Merlot and are all revved up for Uneven Podiums That Remind Everybody That Kerry Is Taller, The Debate, Part II.

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
On vacation

Too busy getting ready to rumble. Though we do note the blogosphere kerfuffle about the Bush "hump". We think it was the battery pack. We'd like to imagine Karl Rove in his lair whispering answers into Dubya's ear, but did you see the debate? That was with help?

It appears that things are getting a little hot on the hill for House Majority Leader Tom Delay. Several members are asking for him to step down as Majority Leader, since it's hard to lead when you are trying to avoid getting slammed for your many 'associates' dirty (and apparently illegal) business. Perhaps he was too busy working on the graphics for the web page which is handily linked to the Majority Leader's webpage. It boldly defies all connection with realty by declaring on its opening page "Victory in Iraq". Earth to Mister Delay: it is a little, ahem, premature to declare victory just yet. The section of this webpage entitled "Why America Is Safer" makes me realize that somewhere Winston is, just now, throwing a copy of an old newspaper clipping down a chute to the incinerator. Along with the biography of Harriet Tubman. It begins with the helpful link entitled "A Trip to Iraq Reveals the need for U.S. Aid" Which makes us wonder if it really required a trip to Iraq in order to come to the conclusion that US aid was needed. Then there is the exceptionally carefully worded trio at the bottom:

Iraq's Quest for Nuclear Weapons

Iraq's Biological Warfare Agents

Iraq's Use of Chemical Weapons

Yes, Biological Warfare Agents. The Quest for Nuclear Weapons. And the Use of Chemical Weapons (in the 1980s).

Note that there is no contact address on this website. There is no email address, no "about us". Because contact information would imply that the people who put this thing together actually want to be contacted. But they don't. So there isn't an email address. What is that, when people put highly questionable and very biased stuff out there and do not allow for dialogue or questioning? There's a word for that.... it's, oh right! Propaganda. You want to hear the real kicker? You're paying for it. Look at the address. Dot-Gov. Nice.

Speaking of putting the kibash on questioning our infallible (Bwah!) leaders, there was an extremely interesting piece on NPR's Morning Edition this morning on the screening being done at Bush/Cheney rallies. High school kids, registered republicans, VIP guests are being yanked out at the request of the sercret service when they are caught with Democratic, KE04, or pro-choice paraphenalia. You want to hear the real kicker? You're paying for it. That's right- we pay for many of these rallies, and we have a constitutional right to attend. And we are having our rights violated. They tried to find someone with BC04 stuff that had been barred from a KE04 rally. The BC04 campaign could only provide one name. And she wouldn't call NPR back.

On a final note for the evening, we are delighted to report that environmentalist and feminist Wangari Matthai of Kenya has won this year's Nobel Peace Prize. This inspiring woman has endured many hardships- including being beaten up- for her activities with the Greenbelt Movement, which she founded in 1977. She is the first African woman to win the prize. She's trying to save the environment for all of us, one tree at a time. Hats off to the indefatigable Wangari Matthai!


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