Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Maybe if he could just speak more in sound bites, you know, quick catchy phrases."

So the reaction from the Dems after JFK emerged, chrysalis-like, at his NYU speech? Cautious optimism. And the concern that Kerry is too big of thought for sound bites. Still, he got a good one off when he told Letterman that Dubya had held up the debate negotiations while working on a compromise that would allow him to sit on Cheney's lap.

Meanwhile, the Spinmeister rises!

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
Lemon Yellow

Bush's UN speech was the subject of talk today, mostly because a) world leaders politely but unenthusiastically clapped only at the end of his speech (which in the reified circles of international diplomacy is like hurling horse shit at the speaker); and b) the speech appeared designed for US voters. Which is an interesting tactic when speaking to the UN which has, hmmm, not one blessed registered voter in the room. Except maybe the janitor. The WP noted that the speech involved spinning the "greatest hits" of the administration. Yes, spinning. No exactly designed to win friends and influence people in the international set, who don't like feeling like election pawns. So, all in all, another day in Dubya's world!

But the spinnin' was just beginnin', cause Rovie's on the case! Joe Lockhart may have been trying to link the WH to the suspect documents (not the Niger ones, those are apparently Tony's fault) , but the WH thinks they are linked to Joe Lockhart. Personally, we think this one might be a draw. Either everybody's linked, or nobody's linked, but really, who gives a shit?

Well, maybe Warren Klecan does! He says that "If John Kerry were here today and experienced this, John Kerry would vote for Bush" Huh. Now that's an interesting claim to make. I may be goin' out on a limb here, but you know what Warren? I'm thinkin' that Kerry may need a little more than a canned Dubya pep rally to make him, you know, vote against himself. Why don't you go pull some chick's hair or something, work all that delusion out of your system.

In other news, the CIA says that there were seriously big mistakes in the intelligence analysis leading up to the invasion of Iraq, but that their conclusions were "reasonable." Are we alone in thinking that "reasonable" mistakes that get people killed are, like, not really okay?

And in still other news, three of Tom Delay's aides have been indicted for being scum-sucking pigs. Okay, the official indictment was for "illegally raising political funds from corporations in 2002, much of which was funneled into the Republican takeover of the Texas legislature." Is there a difference, really?

The Bush administration also decided to stick it to all those damned northeast states who refuse to see the world through Manichean-binary colored glasses (why can't they just vote for me?), yanking funding out from under Section 8 housing vouchers in New York and New England. Phew! And just in time! I thought we were all going to break under the strain of Section 8- now we'll have more money for utterly pointless invasions in new and interesting oil rich nations!

I'm sure you will all be so very happy and relieved to hear that you have been saved from Cat Stevens. The danger was so great his flight was redirected to Bangor, Maine, from whence he was deported back to England. And in this way, our fearless leader has saved all of us, especially at Dulles Airport, from the possible danger of having to hear "Wild World." A remote danger since Mr. Stevens has become Mr. Islam and has sworn off performing pop music, but still. You can never be to careful with soft rock.

Oooh, baby, baby, it's a wild world... it's hard to get by on a smile, girl....


Blogger fast eddie said...

Love it! Is that actually a REAL smile on Dick?
Peace Train. What a radical, incendiary tune!

September 22, 2004 at 11:50 PM


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