Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The King of Kings Rises!

From the bottom of the river apparently. Not so sure of about the fiberglass, though we hear it's an all-weather material.

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
Mustard Yellow

For those of you out there who think the tax cuts are hooey, believe that they are not only obviously weighted toward the folks in the administration (the economic top 1%) instead of you, and that they are part of what has caused record deficits, you've gotten some support on that last point from interesting quarters. "Communications Director Dan Bartlett wrote, “The deficit was caused by three things: lost revenue coming into the treasury due to the recession; funding increases to fight the war and protect the homeland; and tax relief to jumpstart our economy.” White House response? " Administration officials say that Bartlett’s comment is consistent with the administration’s message on tax policy." Really? I thought the WH tax policy message was that our economy was getting stronger and stronger because Dick Cheney got to take an extra $200K plus home. But apparently there's been a turnaround and they plan to come out and make it clear that they have indeed burdened our grandchildren and great grandchildren with the burden of paying off the deficit so that they could grant themselves tax "relief" and invade other countries. Right.

Meanwhile, the FBI has been utterly unable to translate more than 123,000 hours of wiretap tapes made since 9/11. Lack of appropriate computer storage means that some of these unheard tapes will be deleted. As in, never listened to. Wow, we sure feel soooo much safer knowing that plans for any future terrorist attack will quite possibly either be deleted before they are listened to, or might get listened to after the attack. Like all that evidence on the 9/11 hijackers. Which sure does show how Dubya is the candidate who can keep us safe from terrorists, using the same methods that prevented that attack on the World Trade.... wait a second.... funny, I feel a little nervous all of a sudden.

But wait, doesn't George Bush care about the common man? Let's look at all he's done for getting health care for the Average Joe. "
In the past four years, Americans have spent an ever-growing portion of their paychecks on health care and for the most part gotten less for their money, forcing millions into the ranks of the uninsured or personal bankruptcy, according to government figures and several independent assessments."

Huh. But at least he has the welfare of the elderly at heart, right? "Federal investigators said Monday that the Bush administration had improperly allowed some private health plans to limit Medicare patients' choice of health care providers, including doctors, nursing homes and home care agencies." And they're paying more our of pocket as well. Perhaps they figure some of those elderly aren't going to make it to November anyway, so who needs 'em, eh?

Oh yeah, and when Interim PM Allawi said last week that his country was being flooded by outside agitators and terrorists, well, he must have been drinking some of the WH Koolaid. Outside agitators by way of-- Basra? Glad to see the puppet leader is a straight-up no chaser kinda fellah. A straight shooter, just like the guy holding the strings.

But it's good to know that this administration can take advice and suggestions that don't agree with their plans for the empire and apply them. You know, the Bush way! Total Dismissal!

Also good to see that this administration is concerned about all of the citizens of the US. That must be why neither Mr. Swagger nor Mr. Shady will come speak in your town unless you can mobilize a phalanx of the like minded to man the phones for the RNC. The rest of the pinkocommies can go ask Senator Patrick Leahy for directions on how to perform the task assigned to them by Dick Cheney.

We're sure glad that the administration is working so hard to diffuse the rather frightening situation in North Korea, though! I'd sure be scared otherwise, boyhowdy! Like if their vice foreign minister said something like "the danger of war on the Korean peninsula "is snowballing," or "that Pyongyang had "no other option but to possess a nuclear deterrent" because of U.S. policies that he claimed were designed to "eliminate" North Korea and make it "a target of preemptive nuclear strikes." Yeah, if they weren't doing such a good job preventing something like that from happening I might not be able to sleep at night from fear.

Fear... now that is something this administration has a solid record on! They get super high marks for scarin' the pants off of anyone they can! Why, they're so good at it that people in small towns you've never heard of (and by golly, probably no terrorist has every heard of either!) send around petitions to move polling stations out of public schools and into churches. Be afraid. be very afraid.

Oh yes, here we have a heartwarming story of compassionate conservatism at work! The
Capital Athletic Foundation claims that it's mission is to assist "needy and deserving" sportsmanship programs. Who knew rich guys playing golf at schmancy resorts could be described in such lofty terms! They sure can in the land of "compassionate conservatism"! Where Republican lobbyists and "very close personal friends" of Tom Delay can take your charitable donations from private citizens and Indian casinos and parlay them into golfing trips to Scotland on private planes with other Republican lobbyists and a house in Silver Spring. Compassionate conservatism indeed- the GOP has such a big heart for the lowly, downtrodden millionare lobbyist.

Prize for bizarre protest of the day goes to: anti-/pro-fox hunting clashes in England. The pro-hunting people showed up with dead calves and a dead horse. Which either means that they've all watched the Godfather too many times, or that semiotics are really, really culturally specific. To our minds, the best part of the exchange was when pro-fox-hunting folks argued that the anti-fox-hunting folks were against sending the hounds out to savage a fox not because they actually believed it to be a barbaric and cruel practice, but because they carried class prejudices. Fox hunting is an almost entirely upper class pursuit.

In response Tony Blair apologized for the whole Iraq debacle. Okay, it wasn't exactly in response. But the two incidents were reported on the same day. And it wasn't a full-on apology per se, but was more of a "I guess we shoulda checked those documents better" sort of apology. It's funny how differently leaders on either side of the pond respond to upcoming elections in which their jobs are at stake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

“The deficit was caused by....lost revenue coming into the treasury due to the recession..." Huh? Probably more likely that the problem is that lost revenue WASN'T coming into the treasurery.

But, hey, the good news (and this was a much bigger story than any darned war or future deficit problem) is that Chucky the Alligator, who swam away from a zoo in Florida flooded during one of those earlier hurricanes (too many now to recall the name...) was recaptured and safely on high ground before Jeanne made her appearance.

September 29, 2004 at 5:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The big problem for the Dems is that, in trying to glom onto THE WAR ON TERROR as a campaign issue, they are trying to appeal to those who already live in FEAR. Unfortunately, those folks are the natural constituency of the GOP, the party of FEAR. But the messsge just doesn't resonate with those more optimistic souls who are not constitutionally fearful and therefore not already allied with the GOP. It's a slippery slope...

September 29, 2004 at 5:30 PM

Blogger fast & wily said...

This was the gator who is "unhappy" when he isn't fed? Good thing they caught him... too bad about the other gater named Osama that got away....

September 29, 2004 at 9:38 PM

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