Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cheney can claim Bush as a dependent

In a shocking shift today, it appears that both the Democrats and the Republicans are targeting "unreliable" voters. I know that up until now it's been all about "undecideds" and the rest of us can, in the words of our "second" in command, go fuck ourselves, but apparently it's not just for indecisive folks anymore! It's for people who are decided who they would vote for, but just can't be bothered to make it official. Perhaps this is the group that Bill O'Reilly thinks Jon Stewart, swami-like, has control over.

In the meantime (I guess to get those unreliables!) the Leviathon awakens! The Johns have made undeniably critical statements about the Bush administration's decision to go to Iraq. In response, there has been some spinning, however I think Rovie must have taken a personal day. I'm sure both barrels will be blazing tomorrow. In the meantime,

The Spinmeister Alert Today Is:
Old Yeller

Starting with the fun stuff, Kerry was on Letterman, where he gave his top ten list of Bush tax proposals, in which he suggested that Cheney could itemize Dubya on his return.

At a speech at NYU Kerry said Bush was guilty of "stubborn incompetence," noting that "Today, President Bush tells us that he would do everything all over again, the same way," Mr. Kerry said. "How can he possibly be serious? Is he really saying that if we knew there were no imminent threat, no weapons of mass destruction, no ties to Al Qaeda, the United States should have invaded Iraq?" He followed up with the skeleton of a plan, including four points on dealing with security issues.

Meanwhile, the situation is such that even folks in the On-Message Party are beginning to grumble. " McCain said Bush had been "perhaps not as straight as maybe we'd like to see."

Even Porter Goss, the nominee for the head of the CIA is saying mistakes were made. And this is a guy who has a reputation as being, ahem, partisan.

So what is the reaction from the WH?

First, he bashed the CIA's report that forecasts a gloomy future in terms of security:

"The CIA laid out several scenarios. It said that life could be lousy, life could be OK, life could be better. And they were just guessing as to what the conditions might be like," said the president."

Perhaps they were imagining life after November 2nd. Then he said that Kerry was "hardly credible" on the issue of security, and said that his opponent thought the world was better with Saddam in power. I guess that must be the part of the speech where Kerry suggested there was a special place in hell for Saddam. It almost sounds like the turntables were whirring to life there....

But the sound was drowned out by the PoTUS' call for dipping into the kitty to pay for this little Iraq adventure. That $25 billion was supposed to be an "insurance policy" and was something they were hoping not to have to dip into when they set it up four months ago. One might think that either a) things aren't exactly going as planned, or b) these guys is kinda bad planners, or c) these guys is such bad planners that their plans are fricking worthless. He then said that Kerry's assertation that more guard call ups are coming after Nov. 2nd if the election goes to Dubya, was "false and ridiculous." One might want to note that the guard call up thing is a "planning" issue, and might want to revisit a,b,and c above.

Meanwhile Iran converts uranium in defiance of the UN. Is this a big deal? Hard to tell. Defying the UN seems to mean something if you are Saddam and you are on Mr. Swagger's shitlist. If you're Kim Jong Il, not so much. People in the administration whose daddy had not been the target of an 'assassination' attempt by anyone in Iran are on the fence about this one.

In a move one might think were designed to send a mixed message, Dubya also ended the embargo against Libya. Ghaddafi's homeland was not, however, removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. So state sponsors of terrorism are fine for trading, unless they might/claim to have nuclear weapons, in which case you ignore them.

But we were just too distracted to pay attention to any of this, because there, in the sports section of the NYTimes, there was an article that said gays are trying to take over that bastion of station: the country club. In a turn of events that just might force priviledged members of the GOP to support a gay marriage amendment, two same sex couples are suing to have spousal membership priviledges at the club extended to their partner. Not seeing how this means backing off the constitutional amendment? Check it out: for a number of reasons, many same sex couples are childless. One of these reasons is that the lack of recognition of the same sex couple as a family unit both makes it more difficult, and can make adoption a non-option in some states. Which means more disposable income not being spent on little Kevin and Katie's college fund. Disposable income. Just the kinda thing one might need to join a country club.

Meanwhile, the PoTUS is "pleased with the progress" in Iraq. Huh. Wonder how we are defining progress. There were more US combat deaths in July- the month after the handover of power- than in June. And more in August than in July. And September is shaping up to be even deadlier. We must have different measuring tools. Which begs the question- who the hell is doing the daily WH briefing, and are they serving them up Cheech and Chong style?

So all in all, not a high spin day for the Rovemeister.

On the other hand, Kerry not only got in the Letterman top ten, he got a double snap on the PoTUS when he told Regis and that other chick that isn't Kathy Lee (thank fricking god) that it's taken so long to schedule the debates because his opponent wanted a "life line". Ba-dum-chiiii.

Better still, Terry McAuliffe of the DNC decided that he'd try his hand at the turntables himself, asking the GOP to explain whether they no anything about the Post's Roger Stone being involved in Selecta-gate, the font that distracted from 18 layers of spin. In his statement he asks:

"Will Ed Gillespie or the White House admit today what they know about Mr. Stone’s relationship with these forged documents? Will they unequivocally rule out Mr. Stone’s involvement? Or for that matter, others with a known history of dirty tricks, such as Karl Rove or Ralph Reed?"

To which I say, dude. Shazam. We're all in trouble when the people of the DNC get hoppin' mad.

The Spin'n'Dry Alert Today Is:
Sunkist Orange

Finally Ralph Nader is blaming Kerry for his lack of success in getting on the ballot in all states. Gee Ralph, were your new GOP friends just not able to buy your way onto the ballot? They got you on in Florida, what more do you want? Hmmm, we have a thought, maybe you couldn't get on the ballot because people think you're an asshole. Just a thought.


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